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Configuring "front page" blocks

In webtrees there are so to say two "front pages" for different purposes which only should be referenced by their respective names:

  • First is the Home page. This is the page most visitors see when they visit your site (unless in your configuration under Administration -> MyFamilyTree -> Privacy "Require visitor authentication" is set to "yes"). The content of this page can be varied for each family tree on your site.

  • Second is named My page and is a unique page for each of your registered users. When a user logs-in to your site from the "Home page" they will be taken to their own "My page". (Note: if they login from any other part of the site they will be returned to the page they selected "Login" from, once authenticated by the system). This page remains the same for each user and for any family tree they are allowed access to on your site.

Both of these pages consist of a number of "blocks" displaying different information about your family tree. These blocks can be moved (up, down, left, right) on the page or removed. There are different blocks that can be added to both pages. But some blocks are unique to one or the other page. Such an example are the blocks "favorites", which are named indentical on both pages, but could contain entirely different contents.